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Having a litter

Born 28 April


Magic DAM

Here they are 3 Boys and 4 Girls

Im sorry it has Taken so long to get these new photos posted. this litter is fantastic they all have great dispositions and are energeitc and playful, the all have show drive and willingness to please  what a great litter its a bunch of fun puppies


Magic and Zak Puppies

Red collar BoyMC # 933000320144658, he’s a sweet well mannered boy he’s one of the bigger puppies and loves to play he likes to be with people and will follow you around on your heel


Silver Collar GirlMC # 933000320144222, this puppy is a fire ball the complete package she loves to run, play and she will follow you around the yard at your heels and never walk between your legs, she plays as ruff as any of the other puppy’s and is as loving as a person can stand. she’s a winner !!


Blue collar boy, MC # 933000320144221 he’s a great puppy with a great disposition and and and eagerness to please. he’s a fun puppy to play with he’s learning to fetch ! he just doesn’t know who to bring the ball back to.



Purple collar BoyMC # 933000320144223, Hes smart and brave hes alway roming and loves to play with the other puppies he loves the kids to play with him and will follow you around the yard he likes his people



SOLD ///  Green collar gir lMC # 933000320144219, She’s the Alpha she she is a big girl and loves to play with the other puppies she can get ruff quick she likes to be with grown people and will chase her ball around the yard the grandkids love her because she’s ruff and tumbly.


Barakah had 4 boys and 4 Girls

on 13 may this is another great litter they are very energetic and loving they show a love to please and are a litter of listeners they are smart  puppies.




Black collar Boy, MC # 933000320144660 he is the largest in the and a fun dog he loves to play, loves people and will he’s interested in everything that you do. he will follow you around the yard. Exploring is his favorite past time.

black collar boy and pink collar Girl


Green collar Girl MC # 933000320144662 she is the largest Girl in the litter she is smart and very sure of her self she is always playing and loves to play with the grandkids.

Green collar Girl she’s sweet and attentive loves to play and likes to be loved on.


yellow collar boy MC # 933000320144665 a smart puppy he will come to you when you get his attention and will follow you close when your walking around he’s so wants to please you when he has your attention he’s all your’s .

yellow collar boy likes to be around people and the attention.


Purple collar boy MC # 933000320144662 what can I say just look at him he’s just a happy puppy./ he’s a smart puppy and likes to explore he loves people and has a great disposition.

purple collar boy he’s a well built puppy


BORN 8 May 2019

 they are all dark red the color difference in the photos is because of the lighting.  From Shade to full sun and everything in between! these are great puppies they are smart and have great disposition and energy to spare.



9 puppies 5 Boys and 4 Girls and they are dark Red

Gold collar boy he’s a little love dove puppy he loves to snuggle up to any one sitting on the ground. he plays well and can dish out the ruff stuff with his brothers and sister.

White collar Boy he’s another little ruffian who love to play with anything that moves he loves the kids.