Bucky is a 1 1/2 year old Brown Male he is a great companion and my friend. He loves to go out walking he is crate trained and has been in the house he loves other dogs and loves to go on car rides androad trips

Rosie is a 18 month old Red Female she loves to play and loves other dogs she likes to play with the grandkids and be with the family.

Rosie is a sweet girl she loves to play and be with her owners





LOLA & Stetson

Born 2 July

these Puppies are wonderful, playful and and loving they all have a great temperament and love people!

yellow collar boy

yellow collar boy

8 July 2019

Grey collar Girl energetic and fun she has a great temperament and loves to play she would make a great agility competitor.

Grey collar girl

Purple collar Girl. sweet disposition loves people and she is very energetic

Princess a energitic and fun puppy she loves to play and loves to be with people

Miss Kitty and Bucky

Litter Born 11/ 04/ 2019

MC # 61083 male front
MC # 61083 Male side
MC # 61087 side male
MC # 61087 Front Male
MC # 61089 Female Side
MC # 61089 Female front
MC #61088 Female side
MC #61088 Female front
MC # 61092 Female side
MC 3 61092 Female Front