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About Me

I purchased my first standard poodle, Caesar, at Thanksgiving in 1982. He was shipped from Florida to me in Washington D.C. sight unseen, and it was the beginning of a lifetime of love and devotion to the breed. Prior to my first standard poodle I had always had dogs and owned various breeds including German Shepherds and Dobermans. Those two are great breeds but they both presented challenges for me and my lifestyle. By this time I already had 4 (of my 6) children and as an Army officer and a helicopter pilot...

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What's New

Mithril Love Letters at Chesla x Happy Tails Red Stops Traffic had a litter 12/10/13. Beautiful red puppies from health tested parents. Volhard aptitude testing at 7 weeks revealed nice scores on all the pups in this litter. Still a few left! Contact Tracie Sroka at 574-935-3927 or e-mail

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